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  • R. B. > Retired Doctor, Teacher, Lyme Warrior, Food Enthusiast, World Traveler and Artist. From Massachusetts.

    I have suffered from Lyme Disease for almost 20 years. I know I need assistance with cleaning out my lymphatic system to help my body detoxify itself. I had done some research to discover that by cleaning this system I would be able to feel better and recover faster. ​

    From the beginning, Melissa was wonderful and patient at answering all my questions. She provides continuous support and flexible options for my budget. I am happy she is able to travel to me, accommodate my requests, and make alterations as needed. Before each session, I feel exhausted with low energy. During and after each session I feel the healing begin in my body and my mind. As the session progresses, I feel re-vitalized with peace and calm. She provides me with lightness and purity that I now look forward to at each progressive session. In addition, she gives valuable nurturing hugs!

    I think my immune system is getting stronger and I have new courage to move forward in my journey. I highly recommend Melissa and Roots2Wings Transformations. She genuinely cares about your comfort, progress, and happiness. I am so fortunate to have found her!

  • J. L. > Tufts University, Medford, MA

    I've always considered myself a healthy person. I exercise daily, eat well, and I rarely get sick. Going to Melissa helped me realize that the absence of disease does not always equal health.

    The first X'Tract I got was focused on my sinuses and helping my lymphatic system cleanse itself. Melissa opened up space that I didn't even know was there after living for so long with seasonal allergies. Congested was my normal and I didn't even realize it.

    This experience made me wonder how much untapped potential there could be in my body, oppressed by the 'toxins' in my life. What else in my body or in my environment could be holding me back? This, and the proactive nature of the X'Tract process, are why I chose to go back. Not only does it help the symptoms of a problem, but it also works to address the problem itself by cleansing and fortifying the body's natural cleaner: the lymphatic system.

    Each time I go back I feel that I'm getting closer and closer to my maximum level of health.

  • M. G. > Parish Office Manager, North Oxford, MA

    The energy that I feel after having an X'Tract session with Melissa is remarkable. I especially notice the change in my legs, from feeling heavy and tired, to light and energized. I have also started using organic facial cleansers and makeup. I like the idea of not putting so many chemicals on my face. These techniques are an essential part of my quest for well-being and wholeness.

  • H. E. > World Traveler Retired and Loving it, Grafton, MA

    My experience with the X'Tract process, and in particular with Melissa, has been and continues to be a very positive experience. Melissa is caring, professional and informative throughout the entire time. I particularly appreciate how she explains what is happening and why. Making sure you are comfortable is her primary concern. I highly recommend trying the X'Tract process, whether you have fluid retention or will be pleasantly surprised with the results.

  • J. D. > Wellness Center Owner and Fitness Guru. From Massachusetts.

    When I first met Melissa, I had no idea of what X'Tract sessions were. She thoroughly explained what to expect during the sessions before we started and I knew then that she would be able to help me obtain the stronger fitness level I had been striving for. After just a few sessions, I noticed a difference in my performance and endurance. I felt lighter and more fluid in my movements, not to mention more relaxed and clearer thinking throughout my day. If you are looking improve your health or are trying to address a specific physical issue you may have, I strongly recommend making an appointment with Melissa and feel the difference in your body firsthand.

  • A. P. > Humanitarian & Spiritual Leader, Holden, MA

    Coming from a background in meditation and yoga I thought it couldn't hurt to give X'Tract a try when first hearing about it. Already living a very healthy lifestyle I was well aware of the importance of the endocrine system, lymphatic system, and how important it is to detox the body as well as purify the mind and spirit. I have to say I was impressed by the technique and while I didn't feel that I needed a whole lot of work since I've already been working on purifying my body for many years I did recognize that this technique could be of great benefit to others. I also thought Melissa was a joy to work with and was very skilled, professional and pleasant. I would highly recommend giving X'Tract a try.

  • C. H. > Senior Project Engineer, Vernon, CT

    I started getting X'Tracts from Melissa about 6 months ago and had a wonderful experience. She is very friendly and professional. The oils smell wonderful and make me feel relaxed. I started using the oils in my home on a regular basis and it brings me back to the relaxation I feel during the session. The X'Tracts have rounded out my aspirations for an all-natural well-being. I highly recommend Melissa, she is a wonderful person and I am sure you will feel as comfortable with her as I am.

  • R. D. > Business Owner & Entrepreneur, Worcester, MA

    Working with Melissa from Roots2Wings has been both an educational and a transformational experience for me. I began with a simple question on aroma marketing through the use of essential oils and ended with a business that not only smells wonderful but is also safe and healthy for my clients. Melissa had great patience with my numerous questions and was a pleasure to work with. I now recommend Melissa and Roots2Wings to all of my customers.

  • S. L. > President of Corporation: Dedham, Norwell and Westboro, MA

    Being in the personal training and wellness business, I'm open to exploring any discipline that helps people feel and perform better.

    When I first met Melissa, I was not familiar with X'Tract Bodywork for the lymphatic system. It made sense to me that if she could help rid my body of years of toxins, I might feel better. The first few sessions I felt very relaxed. As we progressed and began working on my digestive system, I could tell there was a lot of "stuff" being cleared out.

    Melissa continued to work with me through multiple sessions and she was great answering all my questions. I was hoping for positive results to help me re-balance my system, reduce stress to perform better and generally be more healthy. Now, winter is over and for the first time in many, many years, I was not sick for one day! Sure, I get stressed all the time from work. But now I'm able to think more clearly and better manage things. All in all, I would say it was really successful for me. I recommend Melissa to anyone who is not 100% feeling their best. Keep an open mind and she will help you.

  • V. R. > Art Teacher, Director of Humane Ed, & Program Management, MA

    During the Summer of 2015 I experienced unusual lower extremity swelling particularly in my left leg, and most dramatically in my ankles. This happened after my return flight from an emotional trip I had to take to see my seriously ill father in California. It was upon my return that the swelling began. I made an appointment with (Network Care), who is my long term, wonderful and trusted (Network Care). She saw me immediately and decided to put me through a series of diagnostic tests, after routine blood work and urine tests, both of which were normal. All tests came back normal and while the swelling reduced, it was still significant and abnormal for me.

    I’ve lived very holistically for nearly 25 years and believe in the concept of mixing allopathic diagnostics and solutions with alternative or adjunctive care, therefore I began to intensify several modalities which I’ve used for many years regularly including Chiropractic, massage therapy and homeopathy. While I felt a bit better, the swelling did persist. Melissa suggested I incorporate X’Tract Bodywork into my care, which was of unknown etiology. Altogether, I had four X’Tract sessions but experienced great relief after the very first session, seeing even more results after the subsequent second and third sessions. The situation resolved by late November.

    I have no doubt that X'Tract most definitely was in large measure responsible for the reduction and ultimate cessation of swelling in my lower extremities. In addition, I experienced a wonderful feeling of overall well-being after each session. I highly recommend X'Tract for lymphatic cleansing and so much more, and am sincerely grateful for access to such a great and natural option.

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