April 1, 2017
Recommended Readings and Links

Dr. H. Gilbert Welch: Author of “Less Medicine, More Health” & “Overdiagnosed”. See all his books on Amazon.

The Environmental Working Group’s mission is to empower people to live healthier lives in a healthier environment. With breakthrough research and education, they drive consumer choice and civic action. Look up your products and do your own research on www.ewg.org.

92 Alkaline Foods That Fight Cancer, Inflammation, Diabetes and Heart Disease. An alkaline diet has even been proven to help prevent a range of diseases just by changing what you eat! Take a look at what you should eat more of and what to cut out: http://theheartysoul.com/92-alkaline-foods-to-fight-cancer-inflammation-diabetes-heart-disease/?t=HHL

Angela Q. Bertone: My “Spiritual Cardiologist” teaches about the heart, emotional and spiritual matters. To learn more about Angela and emotional/spiritual healing go to: www.angelabertone.com

Robert Kenner: Filmaker of “The Truth About Your Food with FOOD INC”. Watch his video on YouTube.

400 Companies That DO NOT Use GMOs in Their Products. We can choose to support those companies that do not use GMOs. The best way is to buy from a local organic farmer, or to grow your own; however there are plenty of ethical companies out there that you can support who practice sustainable methods and source from farmers that do not use GMO. Below is a list from the NON GMO Project of brands that offer, specifically, NON GMO products. http://www.realfarmacy.com/400-companies-no-gmos/

The Dana Foundation: Article “Ah, Sweet Skunk! Why We Like or Dislike What We Smell”. Nothing stinks, but thinking makes it so! Read the article there under www.dana.org and search “Sweet Skunk”.

On Self Nutrition Data, you’ll find detailed nutrition information, plus unique analysis tools that tell you more about how foods affect your health and make it easier to choose healthy foods. http://nutritiondata.self.com/

St. Josephs Institute: Substance Abuse Treatments using Bodywork and Special Therapies. Bodywork is an umbrella term that includes many types of hands-on, special therapies focused on re-aligning the structure of the body and facilitating energy flow. It employs the power of human touch to heal and restore the body. Read more about their clinic at: www.stjosephinstitute.com/programs/the_power_of_bodywork.

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