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“Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power.” ~ Lao Tzu

Join in to have fun, discover, enter raffles, get coupons and more! Perfect for Corporate Wellness Initiatives and Health Store Events. Read the details below and view pictures.

Want to learn more, ask questions or want Roots 2 Wings to participate at your location? Contact Melissa at: 508-797-2855

EMPOWERMENT Seminars presents:

Balance Your Mind, Body & Spirit

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 22nd @ 7pm
at The Spiritual Path with Lauren Bortolami
281 North Main Street, Mansfield, MA

Join Melissa for an evening of laughter, inspiration and discovery.

Learn ways to repair and improve physical, mental and spiritual health. Tap into your inner balance by bringing harmony to body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Find out more about Lymphatic System Cleansing and how it can help you overcome obstacles. See demonstrations, receive samples, exclusive coupons, and meet internationally renowned medium Lauren Bortolami!

EMPOWERMENT Seminars participates at the:

UMassMemorial Community Healthlink Wellness Events

Tues 6/21, Wed 6/22, & Thurs 6/23

Curious about Lymphatic System Cleansing? It is a toxic release technique that targets your lymphatic system. Pressure is applied to your skin to soften, activate, and move your lymphatic fluid.

This helps release emotional, mental and physical obstacles, and erases history from residual illness and traumas. Lymphatic System Cleansing take care of the entire lymphatic system on the deepest cellular level (soul = mind, will, emotions) and redirects the flow of fluid and other waste products. It is one of the links to optimal whole health and weight loss.

The booth provided exclusive demonstrations for the people attending the three day event.

EMPOWERMENT Seminars participates at:

The Central Mass Lyme Conference

SATURDAY, MAY 21st @ 8:30am - 4:30pm
at Worc Technical High School, 1 Skyline Dr, Worcester, MA

Think lyme isn't a problem? Come learn about the real facts and how you can protect yourself and your family. This event explores the complexities of Lyme and other tick borne diseases.

See presentations by experts in primary care, research, testing, psychology and legislation.

Stop by the Booth to say hello and sign up for Lymphatic System Cleansing sessions. Learn and hear testimonials from people who have lyme and experienced the incredible results.

EMPOWERMENT Seminars presents:

From Surviving...To Thriving!

THURSDAY, MAY 19th @ 7pm
at Clearly Coworking, 474 Grove Street, Worcester, MA

Join Melissa and the inspirational Christopher Lee Hogan to learn how to conquer stress for peak performance.

Managing and releasing stress is critical in professional workplace environments. You will gain powerful tips to increase your physical, mental and emotional health.

With these proven tools and strategies we will help you to eliminate stress and take control of your daily life.

EMPOWERMENT Seminars participates at the:

Share the Health Expo

SATURDAY, MAY 14th @ 11am
at The Vitamin Shoppe
40 Orchard Hill Park Drive, Leominster MA

Stop by the table at the expo. Bring along friends to learn what the world of Vitamins is all about.

Ask the experts questions
Get free samples
Sign up for Lymphatic System Cleansing
Meet a variety of local vendors and more

Who knows what you might discover!

EMPOWERMENT Seminars participates at:

Your "Mom" Matters

SATURDAY, MAY 7th @ 10am
at Your Health Matters, 139 Main St., Sturbridge, MA

Join Melissa and the Your Health Matters team for a special event just for moms.

Sample delicious chocolate, relaxing tea and unique coffee blends. Get up to 30% off Body Care and receive Lymphatic System Cleansing.

There are four intro sessions available that day. Moms who sign up first get a free sample of Peace & Calm Essential Oil.

Contact Melissa to sign up 508-797-2855.

EMPOWERMENT Seminars presents:

Master Stress & Overcome Obstacles

at Breathe In Wellness, 162 Cook Lane, Marlborough, MA

Join Melissa and the famous Drew Scott Pearlman for a Four Part Series on how to Master Stress & Overcome Obstacles. Attend just one specific session, or attend all four. They will take you on a journey to dive deep within and change your daily life. Experience guided meditations, basic yoga movements, journaling, visualizations, Lymphatic System Cleansing and much more!

Drew Scott Pearlman is an Author, Filmmaker and Speaker at Great Lesson Studios. Drew has dedicated his life to inspiring and empowering audiences with his films, books and live events.

Melissa Alexander is a Certified Wellness Coach, Inspirational Speaker & Academy Trainer at Roots 2 Wings Transformations. Melissa has dedicated her life to transforming people through Lymphatic System Cleansing.


01/31/16 Session 1: The Stranger. Embark on an inner journey to uncover your highest, most authentic self.

02/28/16 Session 2: The Addict. Discover the biggest reason why we stay trapped in self-destructive patterns and how to break free from them.

03/20/16 Session 3: The Visionary. Create the kind of life you really love as opposed to just reacting to whatever life throws on your path.

05/01/16 Session 4: The Lover. Access your greatest power source, the heart center, and reconnect with your deepest purpose.

EMPOWERMENT Seminars participates at:

An Evening To Breathe

FRIDAY, APRIL 29th @ 5pm

Join Melissa and the Breathe Wellness Crew for a Yoga Fundraiser to support "Team Breathe" and Yoga Reaches Out to benefit Boston Children's Hospital.

We welcome guest speaker, Steve Coldwell, manager of Internal and Executive Communications at Boston Children’s Hospital.

Purchase T-Shirts, raffle tickets, participate in Gentle Flow Yoga, Glow Flow Yoga, Candlelight Sivasana and have fun!

EMPOWERMENT Seminars participates at:

Live Toxin Free with Essential Oils


Join Melissa and the oils team to learn about the many benefits of Ningxia Red Wolfberry.

What is a Wolfberry? It is a Superfruit from the Ningxia province in northern China that has numerous health benefits.

We will be sampling product and the NingXia Bar will be open. Enjoy a shot or two, sign up for Lymphatic System Cleansing, and more!

EMPOWERMENT Seminars participates at:

Live Toxin Free with Essential Oils


Join Melissa and the oils team to discover the only THIEVES you want in your home! Expand your knowledge with education, enjoy samples, sign up for Lymphatic System Cleansing, and more.

Melissa > Founder and Owner

At Roots 2 Wings Transformations she offers unique tools to bring harmony to your body, mind, emotions and spirit. By powerfully blending integrative knowledge and eye opening experiences as a Wellness Consultant Melissa assists those feeling stuck, in any area of life. Contact her for clean living solutions to identify and empower you towards optimal health.


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