• J. C. > Director of Information Technology, Marlborough, MA

    When I had my first X’Tract I could not believe how much lighter my body felt, it was amazing. As I progressed with my sessions, I continued to feel such a difference in my body, my emotions and overall health. Going through such a new process as X’Tract, I had numerous questions. Melissa did such a great job providing the right information for me to understand what my body was experiencing and she took so much time to ensure I understood everything. I was a bit unsure what to expect with letting go of some of the emotional build-up, but I experienced a great break through with the acceptance of my mother’s passing, something that I had not wanted to address for a long time.

    Another benefit that I did not expect was the decision to give up caffeine. As a daily coffee drinker for over 25 years, one morning I simply did not have the desire for coffee and I have not had any caffeine since then. I am so grateful that I saw Melissa, what an incredible change I’ve seen in my overall health and well being. This is a process that I will continue to maintain because of the great benefits that I have experienced. I am so glad that I made the choice to try this.

  • M. G. > Parish Office Manager, North Oxford, MA

    The energy that I feel after having an X'Tract session with Melissa is remarkable. I especially notice the change in my legs, from feeling heavy and tired, to light and energized. I have also started using organic facial cleansers and makeup. I like the idea of not putting so many chemicals on my face. These techniques are an essential part of my quest for well-being and wholeness.

  • J. L. > Tufts University, Medford, MA

    I've always considered myself a healthy person. I exercise daily, eat well, and I rarely get sick. Going to Melissa helped me realize that the absence of disease does not always equal health.

    The first X'Tract I got was focused on my sinuses and helping my lymphatic system cleanse itself. Melissa opened up space that I didn't even know was there after living for so long with seasonal allergies. Congested was my normal and I didn't even realize it.

    This experience made me wonder how much untapped potential there could be in my body, oppressed by the 'toxins' in my life. What else in my body or in my environment could be holding me back? This, and the proactive nature of the X'Tract process, are why I chose to go back. Not only does it help the symptoms of a problem, but it also works to address the problem itself by cleansing and fortifying the body's natural cleaner: the lymphatic system.

    Each time I go back I feel that I'm getting closer and closer to my maximum level of health.

  • R. B. > Retired Doctor, Teacher, Lyme Warrior, Food Enthusiast, World Traveler and Artist. From Massachusetts.

    I have suffered from Lyme Disease for almost 20 years. I know I need assistance with cleaning out my lymphatic system to help my body detoxify itself. I had done some research to discover that by cleaning this system I would be able to feel better and recover faster. ​

    From the beginning, Melissa was wonderful and patient at answering all my questions. She provides continuous support and flexible options for my budget. I am happy she is able to travel to me, accommodate my requests, and make alterations as needed. Before each session, I feel exhausted with low energy. During and after each session I feel the healing begin in my body and my mind. As the session progresses, I feel re-vitalized with peace and calm. She provides me with lightness and purity that I now look forward to at each progressive session. In addition, she gives valuable nurturing hugs!

    I think my immune system is getting stronger and I have new courage to move forward in my journey. I highly recommend Melissa and Roots2Wings Transformations. She genuinely cares about your comfort, progress, and happiness. I am so fortunate to have found her!

  • H. E. > World Traveler Retired and Loving it, Grafton, MA

    Thx Melissa. I felt so weighted down since the road trip and now that has been relieved. Legs feel lighter!

  • C. K. > Alternative Medicine Business Owner/Instructor, Northboro, MA

    After each session I am noticing the benefits of this beautiful and relaxing work. I deeply feel the cleansing effect in the lymphatic system, the release of toxins, either in form of old stuck emotions or digestive issues. Each session brings me to a new level of well-being. Thank you, Melissa for introducing me to X'Tract Bodywork!

  • L. D. > Administrative Support, Marlborough, MA

    Melissa has the finest healing hands. Even when I hide my aches from her she finds them and spends extra time 'tenderizing' them. I am blessed to have found her! Namaste Melissa.

  • M. D. > Second Grade Teacher, Cumberland, RI

    My sinuses are so open right now! Also, I took a few positive pregnancy tests this weekend ... Thank you so much!

  • J. L. > Tufts University, Medford, MA

    Feeling pretty well! Relief around the ears and feeling movement around eyes. Overall I really liked it! I also personal bested in one of my brain training games tonight too. Yay!

  • C. K. > Alternative Medicine Business Owner/Instructor, Northboro, MA

    I had a really good sleep last night, feeling pretty positive today, just some old feelings/concerns regarding ... coming up. Made business related progress too. Thank you for the session yesterday.

Melissa > Founder and Owner

By powerfully blending integrative knowledge and eye opening experiences as an X’Tract Bodyworker and personal Wellness Coach she assists those feeling stuck, in any area of life. Read more in the above pages about the science behind X’Tract Bodywork, FAQ and reviews.


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